MBO Retail

In the courses offered by the MBO Retail department, it is all about the contact with people, commercial feel, organisational talent and nerve. The students are trained for professions in retail business, the (international) wholesale sector and the business-to-business industry. The department is based in Tilburg and has its own shopping centre where the students can learn the finer points of the trade in practice. We also update their skills during internships. And of course they are given a strong theoretical foundation.

Internship abroad
What can we do for you and what can you do for us? MBO Retail trains students to become independent, entrepreneurial employees; a great deal of emphasis is also placed on teaching practical skills and the right professional attitude. We do that, among other things, by means of internal practical lessons and project-based learning.

The retail trade and our students: they desperately need each other. A good internship is extremely important for our students; that is where practical skills and a professional attitude come into full bloom. At the companies, they must truly deliver results and take responsibility for the first time. To us, a good internship company is a company that offers our students a safe learning environment in which they can make mistakes. Finally, they are involved in a learning process.

What do you get in return? Motivated students who can one day take over the baton of entrepreneurial Holland. Young people with fresh new ideas. If this appeals to you, we cordially invite you to become an internship company for MBO Retail. For more information, contact Mr K. Weijters at: .
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